TerpLoc™ Pouches

Our TerpLoc™ pouches come in a wide range of sizes to satisfy any packaging needs from cultivation to point of sale. They are perfect for storage after your product has been properly dried.

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TerpLoc™ Wickets

Wicket Bags are made with added UV protection, and come in two sizes. Both sizes come with 100 bags preloaded on a wicket to help streamline your process and improve efficiency. The small size can line a 5-gallon bucket and the large size fits into a 27-gallon tote when full. Never use a terpene-destroying turkey bag again!

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TerpLoc™ Liners

Our liners utilize the benefits of our Terploc™ film with increased industrial strength and puncture resistance for both 27-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums, making them the perfect option for storing & transporting large quantities of flower or trim.

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TerpLoc™ Fresh Frozen

Attention Extractors, freeze your product quickly and confidently. Fresh Frozen Pouches are made from our specialty instant quick freeze film. Place your prepped material into our Fresh Frozen pouches as soon as possible to retain the full plant profile and process the highest quality concentrates possible.

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TerpLoc™ SuperSac

Have peace of mind when storing your biomass hemp or medical marijuana. The SuperSac creates the optimal micro-climate for storing cannabis & hemp by regulating the relative humidity in the packaging while protecting your product from exterior elements that would degrade its quality.

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Child Resistant Packaging

Grove Bags Child Resistant Pouches are completely opaque and feature a class-leading CR zipper that meets all state regulations. The CR zipper is a sleek, interior zipper that is effective, non-obtrusive, and does not take up additional space when packaging multiple bags.

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Build-Your-Own Variety Pack

Don’t know which bag is best for you? Need an odd number of different sizes? We’ve got you covered with our Build-Your-Own Variety Pack.

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Home Grow & Small Quantities

Choose from our small cases with 5-50 bags per case. Perfect for the home grower starting up their operations, personal stashes, or to fill a need between harvests.

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Custom Branding & Design

We can fulfill all your packaging needs, from custom sizes to beautiful branding across your entire set of packaging. Let’s talk about your project.

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